Photos and texts i want to remember, and share.
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Gonzale's collection
untitled by Julien Legrand on Flickr.
Photo33_29A by Benoit Chailleux on Flickr.
untitled by Christian Pitschl on Flickr.
Kyiv by kyrylo.khailov on Flickr.

Accident, 1980
Kenji Nakahashi
untitled by erisyo on Flickr.

Dana Popa, Not Natasha

From Brothers
Anna Bauer
Giorgio Barrera

I painted this over a year ago and it was too big to hang anywhere so I stored it flat and out of sight. The gleaming artifact above the shoulder and left of the head was more than an accidental and not, at the time I painted it, a completed thought. I do not always condone the positing of meaning on impulse, but in this case, it excites me to think my subconscious sent up a flare: and a year later, I would make my way back home.
60 x 60 inches
oil and acrylic on canvas